Be the kid!

Sometimes life can be hard ! Oh yes, it can really be hard …

It’s quiet easy to say that you don’t give a fuck anymore  but somewhere deep inside,you’ll defneitly worry and that is natural. But ,lemme tell you something , life at high school is pretty miserable for everyone. Even that one person at school whom you think  is extremely popoular and happy will obviously be between a bunch of issues of his/her own . It is a fact that no one owns a perfect life.But here we don’t realise that . And desperately wants to be their friends or hang out with them . It’s just that we aren’t sure of what we want. But before you do that just think ” Isn’t it better to stay along with people who likes you rather than the people you want to think that you are cool enough to be with them?” And also lemme tell you a fact if you are suffering from all this teenage drama, this is just for a year or two and then you are gonna leave school,move on ,go to college and then when you think about all  this again you’ll realise that how dumb you were and the time you’ve wasted during the best time of your life. And by term “wasted”I mean the time that we wasted fighting ,the time we wasted trying to be popular ,the time we wasted to impress others. 

Well, if you are still a teenager, just don’t kill that kid in you who just wants to hang out with their friends, eat ice creams and watch Pokemon. Cherish that 3 year old who is always happy , and be that kid who always smiles. Because at the end of the day you’ll realise that life is too short for all this drama and happiness matters the most. So this is a request to all those teenagers around , don’t let your innocence die. 

And please don’t worry if you’ve lost any friend in this journey, it’s just because someone what’s you to learn that ” If they are meant to stay then they won’t ever leave you.!” And this is all a part of growing up….


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