Heart me !

I wish I could’ve met the 3 year old me a fifteen years back.

I would’ve told her ” focus on your studies or you’ll end up nowhere” or “be that girl your parents want you to be” or maybe just “enjoy your life!” 

No,.. I would just tell her two simple words “You’re beautiful!” It’s not just her that I would want to tell this to ,but to all those smiling young girls who’s getting ready to face a life full of possibilities or happiness not knowing that people around you are gonna judge you on the way you look”.

So, Dear girls!,

It doesn’t matter whether you are fat,thin or skinny . It doesn’t matter whether you are fair skinned or dark or pale. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is all messed up or short or long or even curly or straight. It doesn’t matter if you wear high heels or flip flops , it doesn’t matter if you wear short skirts or tshirts . 

Just love yourself!.

Accept the truth that you are beautiful .

Have the guts to make fun of yourself ,have the guts to call yourself fat or ugly . Laugh along when that so called pretty girl call you an ugly pig or even when that guy points out your pimple marks . Say that you were not born to be perfect and you are way beautiful that him! .

Never hate yourself because you are not Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner ,but love yourself because you are way prettier than them. It’s not beacause you are notpretty but just because they have defined being beautiful by just looking at your face and not you .

Make sure that you say this to yourself ” I am beautiful!”.


One thought on “Heart me !

  1. I could just say that you written this very beautifully♥.. U just nailed it!❤ Soo perfect♥… Soo bold ❤& brave♥… U said it right!❤ Girls want that guts to say♥…hats off!❤👏👏👏🙏🙏🙌👍


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